Individual Maturity Assessment

Future Considerations has been working with organisations to evolve Partnering for over a decade. Listening to exemplary business partners and their stakeholders we identified four roles of a business partner as a model of competencies and mindsets that enable Business Partners to fulfill their role as shapers and drivers of the future.


[if a47fo less_than=”5″]A business partner is frequently in the “middle” – leading direct reports, galvanising other functional resources to deliver …[else]Grows a network within and across functions to execute richer solutions to the business…[/if a47fo]


[if 7gmhu less_than=”5″]When implementing and maintaining functional policies and standards, business partners need to…[else]Builds commitment rather than resistance for effective compliance and…[/if 7gmhu]


[if c3xz7 less_than=”5″]In order to be an effective catalyst, you need not only to have a good understanding of the state of your …[else]Leveraging functional expertise for faster application of new or innovative solutions…[/if c3xz7]


[if x5umi less_than=”5″]Bring business acumen to create business valu …[else]What gets you into a business partnering role won’t necessarily be enough for you to maximise your value …[/if x5umi]
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Thank you for completing the Individual Maturity Assessment. We will email your results and further information about partnering